Dental Practice for Sale in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re considering selling your dental practice, Chris Vandiford and his Transition One team have been the top transition specialists in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 20 years. Determining how you leave your practice is just as important as how you start your practice. We are not just selling dental equipment, we are transitioning valuable relationships, future legacy, and decades of goodwill. Whether you’re looking for dental practices for sale in Cincinnati, or looking to sell your dental practice, Transition One is the expert.

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Transitioned over $4 million dollars in practices during the 1st quarter of 2019.

Transition One works closely with over 25+ purchasing dentists and larger groups in the Cincinnati area.

Ask the right 5 questions and the opportunity becomes clear to the buyer every time.

Transition One is an expert in financing, contracts, practice analysis, and support. We close every time.

Transition One offers complimentary appraisals and evaluations. No charge consultations. No upfront fees.

Ask our 2019 sellers about their experience. From a $150,000 merger to a $2.2 million practice sale, the results speak for themselves.

Transition Stories

What will your transition story be? Read these successful transition stories to see how we can help you.